Some Kickass Tips and Tricks to get you started as a Freelance Writer in 2018

Have you always had a flair for the written word and believe you have what it takes to become a freelance writer? The life of a freelance content writer has many perks and can be both a full-time position as well as an extra income on the side of your 9 to 5. However, being the new kid in the business means being new to the art of freelance writing and there are a few questions that will occur. But don’t worry, we have listed a few of the tips and tricks you need to get off to a flying start.

  • Make sure you have the right equipment

The charm of being a freelance writer lies in the fact that you can pretty much work from anywhere, as long as you have the right tools. This includes a functioning laptop or desktop, an internet connection and ideally a desk. Other than that, all you need is the passion of creating compelling content.

  • Choose an environment where you feel comfortable

Some people can work anywhere – from the beach, in a crowded café or even on an airplane. But for those of us in need of a work space that offers peace and quiet, where we can focus only on the task in front of us and not be interrupted by distractions, this is a vital step in getting started for the freelance gig. Choose a setting where you know you will be able to focus 100 % on your work and preferably a space where you will find inspiration. This will increase your work flow immensely.

  • Choose your work wisely

If you are new at freelance content writing, make sure to choose topics you feel you are comfortable with and that you will be able to create valuable content about. Even if you feel like you can write about anything, some clients have very specific ideas on what they want and will be able to tell if you made the necessary research that is needed, or not. For example, if you don’t know that much about economics, don’t start with those tasks. Don’t start by biting off more than you can chew. There will always be more complexed subjects ready for you to take when you are ready for them.

  • Always read the instructions

When taking on a task in our system you will see some instructions on what the text should include. For example, there can be a specific keyword that needs to be mentioned, the tone of voice for the article or a link to another text that needs to be used. Always, always, always double check these instructions before you start the text, to make sure you don’t make any unnecessary mistakes.

  • Do the necessary research

Writing about different topics requires that you do the necessary research about the subject. In this process of gathering information, it is important that you only use sources that are trustworthy. Don’t try to avoid this. At times, you may find yourself spending more time actually doing research than writing about it, but in the end, it will be worth it.

  • Keep it relevant

Avoid fillers. The quality of your text will suffer when it is noticeable that you don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t ramble on about random facts just to hit the required number of words. Every sentence you write should be relevant to the rest of the text and give the reader useful facts.

  • Put some extra effort on the meta titles and descriptions

If the text you write needs a meta title or a meta description, make sure these are exceptional. The point of titles and descriptions are to get the attention of readers and make them want to read the whole text. This also goes for the first sentence in your text. Always make it appealing to the reader and create curiosity for the rest of the article. A useful tip is to do this last when you have finished the body of the text.

  • Feedback is your friend

When you have completed a task in our system, we will proofread your work. At this stage, we can choose to send the text back to you with some feedback if we feel you can do it better (or to compliment you on an exceptional article). This feedback can be about which words we see are a better fit and how you can rearrange your sentences to create a better flow. It could also be the case that you forgot to read the instructions and misinterpreted the subject. When it comes to writing there is always room for improvement and therefore feedback is your best friend. Take it in and implement it to your next text.

  • Practice makes perfect

It is no secret that the more you write, the better you will become. So, take every chance you get to create compelling content. But remember, good writing can’t be forced. If you can’t give it your 100 % in that moment, it’s better to turn off your laptop, take a break and clear your head. Then come back and blow us away with amazing content.


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