The Sidekick Culture

At Sidekick, we don’t buy you toys, we treat you like the adult you are. When you join Sidekick, you are signing up for being part of a creative team where what you have to say will always be heard and we want every single member to be part of the growth and strategy of the company. We want people who are better than us to join us which is why we’ve gone global. More than 70% of our team work from different countries around the globe. We don’t feel the need to confine anyone to an office. The world is our oyster so whether you are working from Vietnam, Norway or from the office in Malta, if you’re the best person for the job, then we want you to join us!

Flexible working hours

We don’t count the minutes and hours you spend working. We’re about respecting your ability to manage your workload and we look forward to the productive and creative outcomes you bring to the table. We have a flexible working model whereby you can pretty much manage your 40 hours per week as you see fit. Manage your deadlines, meetings and appointments yourself!

Weekly training sessions

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a long and happy life. We encourage everybody to go for a weekly training session, whether that means going down to the gym, playing squash, horse riding, or whatever kind of activity gets you going. This weekly workout hour is included in your work week – so you get paid for working out! How great is that!?

Work from anywhere

We are a global company that believe that the future lies in location independent jobs. More than 50% of our work force are remotely based and we structure our policies and culture around this. Our onsite staff enjoy being able to take longer vacations when visiting friends and families in their home countries as they can literally pick up their laptop and work from anywhere in the world.

We embrace the culture of a flat organisation

IKEA invented the flat packages and Scandinavia invented the flat organisation. We believe that skilled workers being responsible for their output and decision making will do a better job than workers being micromanaged. If you can rise to the challenge this is the organisational culture for you.

Awesome team

At Sidekick Content, we consider ourselves to be driven and passionate people and we have successfully created a team where everybody works towards the same goal. Despite being all over the world, we’re united, communication works and we help each other grow. We welcome challenges with open arms and we are never afraid of trying new things. Our philosophy is that it’s better that we try and fail than not trying and never learning anything new!

And, if you’re in the office, we throw in a little something extra!

Breakfast Mondays… and the rest

In line with our belief of a healthy lifestyle, we start the week by having breakfast together every Monday. Teams that eat together stay together so breakfast Monday’s is our way of making sure we start the week off as a team. We also offer free fruit at the office throughout the week and, as the company is founded by a Swede, we also make sure that there is always a free flow of coffee and of course tea too. Any excuse to have a Fika or lunch together is always welcome and funnily enough, we find that excuse every week or two!

Fun team activities

There is always something going on at Sidekick. We are always looking for new, fun things to do and there is always an upcoming activity in the near future. We love to go Go Karting, have fun Christmas parties, drinks after work, go wine tasting or even just having a small “fika” to celebrate someone’s birthday are some ways of how we have fun at Sidekick!

Monthly office massage

A very much loved tradition is our monthly massage session that we have at the office. Our masseur makes magic with his hands and every month, he visits us at the office to make sure that we stay relaxed and comfortable until next time.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of working at Sidekick Content too, check out our open positions here to start your career with us!