We are a content and translation company and we are pretty good at what we do! To help us create high volumes of text, we use an internally developed web-based back-end system. We are continuously improving it and we need a Product Owner to make this process run more smoothly.

We want someone to come on board, learn our stuff and be ready to take full ownership of this system. Because you learn quickly and love technology, you will quickly become an expert on using the system.

We need you to know how to listen to users needs, understand the user and business requirements and be able to translate that into clear technical instructions for the developers. You will be the bridge between all different stakeholders of the system.

What will you do?

  • Create documentation on how to use the system (for users)
  • Create documentation on how the system works (for developers)
  • Creates user stories to visualise for stakeholders how the system will be used.
  • Be available for tech team to quickly answer questions regarding new and old features
  • Work together with testers to make sure new features are implemented correctly.

    Why do we need you?

  • You will make it easier for Developers to work by giving them clearly written Technical instructions.
  • You will help reduce development time.
  • You will make it easier for testers to test (they know what to look for).
  • You will produce well written instructions which also reduces the risk for errors.
  • You will ensure that new features will be as good as possible on their first release.
  • Your work will help minimise bugs and frustrations among users.

    So basically, you’re a superstar in the making because everything you do will decrease frustration and decrease wasted resources.

    The basics we need you to bring are:

  • To communicate fluently in English and Russian.
  • Have a good eye for detail.
  • An understanding for web based software and saas.
  • An understanding of Usability.
  • Good presentation skills (Word, Graphics, etc).
  • A good communicator and most importantly, you are a good listener.
  • Previous experience in testing, product ownership and development is preferable.

    Where will you be based?

    We’re a company of a fantastic workers in our local head office in Malta. And we also have an equally fantastic team of remote workers across the world! We’d love for you to be here in the office with us, but if you are amazing and not based in Malta, then we want you anyway!.

    Application process:

    Please click the Apply button below which will take you to the application process. You will need to complete the task and send it as a PDF together with your covering letter and CV to michelle.blackmore@sidekick-content.com