As a Sidekick employee you feel valued and trusted, and you get the opportunity to work with varied tasks in a great environment.

Being happy at work should be a priority and that is exactly what Sidekick offers in many ways! Working remotely at Sidekick brings me the ultimate happiness at home and at work!

Sidekick isĀ an innovative workplace, new ideas are welcomed and the company always improves in many different positive ways. You look forward to go to work everyday, when you work at Sidekick!

I’m very happy about the possibility to work remotely. Moreover, it is great that the organizational culture is open-minded and innovative.

Sidekick Content welcomes new ideas, they trust their staff 100% and they are always looking for ways to improve. It makes you feel very important, and I love being a part of that.

For me working remotely at Sidekick means FREEDOM. It gives me the chance to follow my heart and move around in the world, and still have the greatest job ever.